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Discover more about our travel destination and hotel PR work!

Check out images of our tourism PR and marketing agency showing ten years of work for top destinations and hotels!

For a flavour of what we're about, see¬†press events¬†and photos of our get-togethers with Tourismuszentrale Fichtelgebirge and representatives from Bad W√∂rishofen at "Auszeit" in Munich. There is also¬†cooking¬†with the destination of Tegernsee at the publishing house Gruner + Jahr "Versuchsk√ľche" in Hamburg, along with a host of other action-packed snaps...

Join us "live" with our clients: for example during fam trips in the forests of Franken, Bernkastel-Kues on the river Mosel, and in Italy's Puglia. These are journeys of discovery where we sample the delights of new destinations, meet the owners of exquisite new hotels, and gather the facts for our clients. Additional images of our Pugliese roadshows #WEAREINPUGLIA through Europe with stops in Munich and Berlin, along with our group press trip to Puglia and the Bavarian Forest, are also in the gallery.

piroth.kommunikation in party mode! Browse through the highlights of our team trips. There's our New Year's Eve-Party by horse and carriage through Bavaria's winter paradise, and a tour of the mountains around Tegernsee. And don't miss our booth at ITB Berlin in the media hall, and - best of all - the memories of our tenth anniversary in 2013.

We hope you enjoy browsing these images of our hotel and travel destination PR agency!