Sustainable tourism PR and marketing with a focus on value

As a tourism PR and marketing agency, we have always focused on creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and productivity. At the heart of this philosophy is the conviction that work is fun when everyone gets on well and shares the same sense of purpose. We are a family of cheerful professionals.

In going about our work, we like to see eye-to-eye with our clients. We appreciate honesty and fairness in achieving the best deal for everyone, and that goes right down to using sustainable energy providers and keeping to our social responsibility priorities. We give our staff time off for voluntary work and offer free PR- and marketing services for social projects and organizations.

We care as much about our clients and their products as we do about their wishes and needs. We spend a lot of time analysing and planning to find the best solutions to any initiative, and that’s how we achieve consistent credibility and authenticity in all the tourism PR and marketing work we do.

What makes piroth.kommunikation exciting for us...

Marion Handel:

“After my study I was looking for a profession within the field of marketing and to get in contact with people, so I can pass my passion for travelling on – hence I enjoy the daily communication with journalists, clients and partners within the branch :-).
Especially exciting for me is that I am able to contribute with own ideas to the conception and product development of our clients. For example for Hotel Forsthofgut in Leogang, Austria, we joined the development of a new spa concept, Europe’s first forest spa waldSPA. Based on this idea the architectural concept was revised, the naming for rooms and spa treatments was re-adjusted and – always with the main thread running through – we could create great press topics in magazines like shape, Madame or the German-wide very popular “land” magazines.
In general above all I appreciate the comfortable work environment and the familiar atmosphere. Across the board I am totally a fan of work-life-balance at work!!! Here I can find kind of a balance in our joined team actions or in funny lunch breaks in the country.”

Teresa Schreiner:

“I think it is fantastic that we all work with full enthusiasm and fun. This is important, especially when it comes to creative work such as texting or conception and is really helpful.
The close contact with clients and colleagues always give interesting impulses for our work – but also while cooking in the agency kitchen or lunch break in our garden – come with our team. And for the afternoon we set out for a test golfing course!
In our agency I am mainly in charge of our outdoor clients such as the region of Fichtelgebirge, the region of Frankenwald or the city Prien at the Chiemsee – like that I am also on site for press appointments or product trainings like a hiking marathon, where I can surpass my own limits or by leisurely cycling.”

Friederike Köper:

“What I like most in our agency is the variety of tasks. These include for example writing press releases or further press texts for our clients regarding events or news, the organization of press events or roadshows – I support my colleagues at conjoint brainstorming get-togethers for a good headline or I organize press trips for journalists as well as tour operators visiting our clients.
Next to the consultancy of ‘your’ clients, each of us also has internal tasks. For example I am responsible for updating our website and the social media activities. Due to our flat hierarchies and the close exchange my suggestions always find an open and receptive ear.”

Teresa Uhlmann:

“From the beginning I was embraced by the piroth.kommunikation team and I had the chance to fully support everyone regarding their daily work from day one on. As a newcomer in the PR world, coming from the travel tour operator branch I find the combination of travel & communication super exciting. Self-initiative and interconnected thinking is appraised so that I can put forward own ideas and suggestions. I also appreciate the proactive support of advanced training.
Besides the multifaceted contact to clients, journalists and tour operators, I especially like the familiar atmosphere and the sincere togetherness.”

Elisabeth Bachmann:

"What I really like about piroth.kommunikation is the sincere team which gave me a very warm welcome and integrated me as fully-fledged member from beginning. We treat each other with mutual respect and appreciation, whilst maintaining a light hearted atmosphere with a healthy dose of humour.
With an instinct for trends the agency never fails to keep pace with the times. I am happy to play an active part in the daily small and large changes. I enjoy being able to continuously 'think outside the box' and to develop and share creative ideas. I am constantly gaining new expertise through regular participation at sectorial meetings, trend forums and specialized trade fairs. The main focus is always on the success of our clients – this is motivating!"

Annemarie Eigner:

“Why I like working at piroth.kommunikation? As trainee I gain an insight into various PR and marketing projects. So in the morning I am mentally at Lake Chiemsee and in the afternoon I am already in Mauritius… The helpfulness of all employees, the teamwork and the readiness for duty make it easy for everyone to contribute to a joint success. Everyday anew is fun at piroth.kommunikation due to non-hierarchical working and an incredible team work.”

Sabrina Mahler:

“For more than three years I am a team member of piroth.kommunikation. After my internship my process of education regarding the bachelor degree in International Management was supported from the beginning! As dual student key competences were handed over to me at an early point – for example the high degree of self-responsibility for the preparation and realization of the yearly tourism fair ITB in Berlin. You can really see that you can move something collectively!
Within the company everyone shows understanding, is there for one another and supports each other. I also like the familiar and amicable environment very much :-).”

Monika Bittner:

“Really great that piroth.kommunikation in cooperation with the organization Deutsche Sporthilfe gave me, as an ice hockey national player, the chance to write my bachelor thesis with practical relevance. From the beginning I was thrilled how uncomplicated and familiar my daily work was organized from that point on for the next four months. Within this working environment I realized very fast that one does not have to have an aversion to questions. Even if the question could not be solved within working hours, an opportunity came along during the group lunch breaks or even during a golf lesson! In addition to nice people and an exciting insight into the world of PR and marketing, I also got my bachelor’s degree – thank you again at this point for an unique opportunity.”

Julia Tobisch:

“As intern I only know piroth.kommunikation for a few weeks, anyhow I was enthusiastic about the agency from day one on. Right away the team integrated me very well, everybody operates open-minded and trains me profoundly in various subject areas.
Through the versatile range of assignments I am able to get a fascinating impression about tasks like touristic trends, interesting newspapers and magazines, public relations and events as well as the cooperation with journalists. I am very happy to be a part of this strong team.”