Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

Bayreuth, Germany
Mr. Frank Nicklas


Famous for its Wagner Festival, Bayreuth is a year-round bastion of baroque culture - and beer!

Partner quote

“piroth.kommunikation provided PR support to the Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus Gesellschaft in 2013, the bicentenary of Richard Wagner's birth. Daniela and her team's outstanding expertise and networking capabilities made this crucial year for tourism in Bayreuth a real hit in the press. Working with them was a story of efficiency and professionalism, done with the dedication and charm you'd normally only expect from friends.”
Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus Gesellschaft – Dr. Manuel Becher, Managing Director

Clippings – excerpt

© Brigitte "Adventskalender 4: Mit Wagner Geburtstag feiern", October 2012

Event – images

Pressereise "W... wie Bayreuth!", June 2013

Media-Get Together „Richard Wagner Jubiläum 2013“ in Hamburg, 2012

Further work samples will be presented personally if requested.